I recently started scanning old photos, you know, those that were made with real film, all analog, no digital pixels.
But you know what? Just like with digital cameras nowadays, when you have low light scenes and you have to crank up the ISO value which results in a noisy photo, it also happened back then.

Every photo editing software today has some kind of denoiser which is supposed to remove that undesirable noise. It does the trick but it also removes the details unfortunately. Maybe there is some AI powered software that can help, I thought. And there is! And it’s amazing.

It’s called Topaz DeNoiser AI: https://topazlabs.com/denoise-ai/
I tried the trial version so far and it’s almost unbelievable how much noise can be removed while adding detail in the process. I don’t know how it works. To me it’s just AI magic!

Take a look for yourself! Move the slider left or right to see the difference.

Notice how the book covers are much clearer, the lines on the pillow didn\\\'t get softer but they got sharper instead! The same can be observed for pattern on the sweater. In the original it is noisy and blurry. After using the denoiser the noise disappeared and the details became visible. Simply incredible!
In contrast you can see on the right what I managed to do (shapening and denoising) in RawTherapee compared to the AI denoiser on the left. Although the noise got removed, it also lost a lot of details. That\'s where the AI denoiser shines and shows its brilliance.
Here you can see the white wall in the background. The noise got removed completely. The plant pot looks a lot sharper and the spikey hair now really is sharp.